- NORINCO Group’s Vice President Mr. Zou Wenchao Paid An Inspection Visit to NORINCO International -

On February 14, 2019, Mr. Zou Wenchao, Vice President of NORINCO Group paid an investigation visit to NORINCO International. Mr. Ni Zejun, general manager, Madam Dang Ying, deputy general manager of NORINCO Group's Civil Products Development Department; Mr. Peng Fuhua, deputy director of the General Management Department, Mr. Gao Sheng, Deputy Researcher of the General Office, Mr. Qian Xiaoyu, Business Manager of the Civil Products Development accompanied the investigation. Mr. Zhang Guanjie, the Secretary of the Party Committee of NORINCO, Madam Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Strategy Department of NORINCO, and executive management team of NORINCO International attended the meeting. On behalf of NORINCO International management board, Mr. Yuan Jun, the President of NORINCO International made a report of the 13th Five-Year Development Plan and the progress of the company’s ongoing key projects.

During the meeting, Madam Dang Ying put forward three suggestions. First, the company should aim to develop itself with international first-class and high standards, which means the company should focus on strategic position, deepen pragmatic international operations. Second, NORINCO International should promote major projects and achieve success in the current operational period. The third is to deal with the relationship between market diversification and key market focus, as well as between current business and sustainable development.


Mr. Ni Zejun pointed out that NORINCO International lies in a very important position in NORINCO Group. In the “Belt and Road” initiative advocated by the government, NORINCO International is the pioneer for the Group. In the future work, NORINCO International should do the following: First, we should bear in mind the responsibility of the state-owned enterprise, and we should take the major national decisions and strategies as our mission. Second, we need to deepen the international management. Third, we must focus on our core business, enhance professional capabilities, and build a world-class enterprise. Fourth, we should adhere to the bottom line and manage and control major risks.