- The development process -
Norinco International Cooperation Ltd. has inherited its parent company China North Industrial Corporation (NORINCO) to develop its core business in international economic and technological cooperation. The beginning of the mother company NORINCO took off by undertaking financial aid projects through contracting overseas economic trades and technology exports to drive economic efficiencies, earn foreign exchange for the state and support the third world countries at the same time. Since the adjustment for national foreign aid policy in 1989, the state requested certain enterprises to fulfill their business in foreign aid projects as well as to carry out overseas engineering contracting and labor cooperation projects, China Wan Bao Engineering Corporation emerged corresponding the times. In 2001, China Wan Bao Engineering Corporation put its international engineering business and capital asset into Shen Zhen XiLin (public listed in 1998) and established Norinco International.

Over the years, the international economic and technological cooperation business of Norinco International has developed in Asia, Africa, Europe and a dozen of countries and regions. By participating in international bidding, Norinco International has undertaken dozens of large scale international engineering projects covering railway & transportation, power construction, petroleum and mining facilities construction, industrial, agricultural, housing and all kinds of municipal construction works. In the meanwhile, Norinco International also possesses real estate subsidiary and architectural ornament business. By completing a number of important projects of both economic and political significance and international influence, NORINCO International has achieved good economic returns and social benefits and has been ranking among the Global Top 225 Contractors for consecutive years.