- Orange Line Joint Venture Made Donations to A Primary School near Lahore, Pakistan -

On January 16, 2019, China Rail-NORINCO Joint Venture held a donation ceremony at Chah Dhaban Elementary School in the suburb of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The people in charge of the Lahore Municipal Government of Pakistan, the head of the school, all the teachers and students of the school, the surrounding villagers, and the on-site personnel of the Rail-NORINCO Joint Venture participated in the ceremony.


Bearing the philosophy of precision poverty alleviation and understanding the needs of the school after research and investigation, China Rail-NORINCO JV has built two classrooms, playground and restrooms, and donated recreational and sports facilities, computers and projectors and 100 Set of desks and chairs. The newly built two classrooms have been adopted Chinese standards and crafts. The school spoke highly of the Chinese side in terms of the construction quality and efficiency after the completion.


On the day of the ceremony, the people in charge of the Lahore City Government of Pakistan stated in his speech that the Orange Line Rail Transit Project undertaken by the China Rail- NORINCO Joint Venture not only drove the economic development of Lahore, but also provided thousands of jobs for Pakistan. After its opening, the line will ease the traffic congestion in Lahore and shorten the time for citizens to travel. The Lahore people eager to hope to take the fast, convenient and clean orange line train. The China Rail-NORINCO Joint Venture is not only a company involved in Pakistan's infrastructure construction, but also a good friend who is always concerned about the happiness of the Pakistani people, earnestly fulfilling their social responsibilities, and actively responding to public welfare undertakings. This donation by China Rail- NORINCO joint venture to primary school is highly praised, which has again burnished the China-Pakistan friendship.