- NORINCO International Holds 2018 Work Summary Conference -

On January 30, 2019, the NORINCO International 2018 Work Summary Conference was held in the NORINCO Grand Hall. Mr. Zhi Yulin, the Assistant President of NORINCO Group, the President of NORINCO, Mr. Wang Yitong, Chairman of NORINCO International, Mr. Wang Chuan, Assistant President of NORINCO, and leaders from President Office, Strategy Department, and Human Resources Department attended the conference. All the employees of NORINCO International and heads of the company’s subsidiaries also attended the conference. At the meeting, Mr. Yuan Jun, the President of NORINCO delivered a "NORINCO International 2018 Work Summary Report". Mr. Zhi Yulin and Mr. Wang Yitong made important speeches, respectively. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Hao Feng, the Party Secretary of NORINCO International.


On behalf the management team, Mr. Yuan Jun made an annual report. In his report, Mr. Yuan first comprehensively summarized the work that have been completed in 2018, then deployed the major work of 2019, and finally analyzed the challenges and opportunities the company is facing.


He pointed out that if we want to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities, we must conscientiously implement the strategic policy of "reform and innovation, upgrading capability, lean management, transformation and upgrading" of our parent company NORINCO. We should also actively implement the company's working guidelines of seizing the trend, focusing on the market, transforming and upgrading, and coordinating development. In addition, we need to strive to cultivate three forces, which are “investment, innovation, and enterprise development and focus on improving three innovation capabilities of operation, management, and technology. Last but not least, we need to focus on the market, and make every effort to ensure that investment projects "invest in one, achieve one, and shine one" to vigorously promote Integrated project implementation.

Chairman Wang Yitong first spoke highly of the achievements made by the company in 2018. For the next step, Wang Yitong emphasized that it is necessary to recognize the current trend and make progress. Efforts will be made to overcome all difficulties and strive to achieve "changes in progress" in the context of "stable change". Second, we must focus on the key projects and concentrate on doing large overseas projects to achieve the goal of “invest one, success one and shine one”. Third, we must be solidary to unite our strength, and give full play to the collective strength to overcome difficulties. Fourth, we must be courageous enough to take responsibility. We must carry forward the spirit of innovation and dare to be the leader in the field.

Mr. Zhi Yulin also appraised the work that have been done by NORINCO International in the past year, including the transformation and upgrading, stimulating military industry, risk prevention and control, the cultivation of the systemic advantages of the whole industry chain and party building. Zhi Yulin also put forward five requirements for NORINCO International in 2019. First, we should profoundly understand the characteristics and requirements of the “Belt and Road” Initiative into a new stage, that is we need to focus on the key points and work carefully and intensively to draw a meticulous painting. Second, we must strengthen comprehensive risk control to achieve safe and stable development. Third, we should firmly establish the concept of “Quality First” and give full play to the spillover effect of the military trade, and burnish the brand of “NORINCO”. Fourth, we should strengthen scientific and technological innovation and the construction of professional talents. The fifth is to improve the quality of Party building work.

During the Conference, the 2018 outstanding teams of NORINCO International were also commended.