- Chairman Wang Yitong Met with IMC Chairman Mr. Chavalit Frederick Tsao -

On January 22, Mr. Wang Yitong, Chairman of the Board of Directors met with Mr. Chavalit Frederick Tsao, the Chairman of IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group. Mr. Yuan Jun, the President of NORINCO International, Mr. Du Xiaodong, Secretary of the Board of NORINCO International, and Mr. Shan Jibin, the Chairman of NORINCO-Imc Logistics Co., Ltd. also accompanied the meeting.

Chairman Wang Yitong first welcomed and sent his greetings to Chairman Tsao and his team during the occasion of the Spring Festival. The two sides conducted full exchanges and discussions on how to further deepen pragmatic cooperation and optimize cooperation models. During the talks, Chairman Wang Yitong introduced the development history and operation of the logistics business of the NORINCO. President Yuan Jun made an introduction to the development of the logistics business and the operation mode of the future logistics project with the company's major projects as the carrier.

Chairman Wang pointed out that the NORINCO and IMC have gone through 15 years of cooperation. In the past 15 years, NORINCO has grown from a revenue-per-billion level company to an international company with revenues exceeding RMB 200 billion. Each business segment has achieved rapid success and fast speed of development. At the same time, as a multinational company operating internationally, logistics is a very important link. He expressed his hope that in the future cooperation, both parties can give full play to their respective advantages and continue to expand based on the original freight forwarding business, as well as strengthen investment cooperation in logistics projects, optimize operational models, and strengthen the depth of cooperation.